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COSCO SHIPPING Energy, PetroChina Yunnan Petrochemical, and Petrochemical International Sign MoU on Coordination
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On December 23rd, witnessed by COSCO SHIPPING Energy President Mr. Liu Hanbo and PetroChina Yunnan Petrochemical President Mr. Jin Yanjiang,COSCO SHIPPING Energy VP Ms. Sun Xiaoyan, PetroChina Yunnan Petrochemical VP Mr. Wu Kai, and Petrochemical International VP Mr. Zheng Jun signed a three-party MoU on contract of affreightment, symbolizing a starting point for strategic coordination on Sino-Myanmar crude oil pipeline project in which CSET was the unique shipper.

This MoU is signed for national strategic concern. It embodies that CSET, a state-owned-fleet, taking the responsibility of energy transportation safety under the “Belt & Road” Initiative. It also shows that CSET, from its company growth perspective, is committed to providing tailor-made services of full-journey transportation services for major clients.

Made Island Port is the starting point of the China national major project Sino-Myanmar crude oil pipeline project under the “Belt & Road” Initiative. It can berth 300,000 dwt crude oil tankers. However, the port was unexplored and didn’t have any experience for VLCC operation. The three dilemmas: lacking of port map, tough sailing and berth condition, make it difficult for VLCCs to operate.

After deliberate study, CSET successfully performed its tankers to complete discharging on fully loaded condition, paving the path for future construction of the Sino-Myanmar crude oil pipeline project.

Taking this opportunity, CSET will build Middle East – Myanmar route into VLCC shuttle route, seeking for further cooperation with oil majors.

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