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Naming and delivery ceremony of Mt. CESI BEIHAI
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In the morning on 1 June, the delivery and naming ceremony for CESI BEIHAI under the APLNG Project (Australia Pacific LNG Project) was held by Shanghai LNG, a subsidiary of COSCO Shipping Energy, in Terminal No.0 of Changxing Island in Shanghai. The ceremony was attended by corporate leaders and guests including Mr. Sun Jiakang, the Party Group Deputy Secretary and Deputy General Manager of COSCO Shipping Group; Mr. Lu Junshan, the Party Committee Secretary, and Mr. Xiang Yongmin, Mr. Luo Yuming and Mr. Zhao Jinwen, the Deputy General Managers of COSCO Shipping Energy, as well as relevant cooperative partners such as Sinopec, the CSSC Group and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines.


Ms. Liu Shan, the Director of the Fifth Office under the Supervisory Committee of SASAC, assumed the role of godmother for the naming of the tanker. Tanker “CESI BEIHAI” is 290 metres in length, and has a designed draft of 11.7 meters and per ceiling load of 174,000 cubic metres of liquefied natural gas. Currently it is one of the world's most advanced and environmentally friendly LNG vessels. As the third vessel under the APLNG Projects of Shanghai LNG, Sinopec Kantons and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines in Japan, “CESI BEIHAI”, after her delivery, will provide services on the routes from Australia to the ports of North Sea and Qingdao in China together with "CESI Gladstone" and " CESI Qingdao”, providing practical and effective energy protection for natural gas users of Sinopec in regions such as Guangxi and Shandong.


At present, Shanghai LNG under COSCO Shipping Energy has a total of six LNG vessels put into operation, with annual traffic volume of over 6 million tonnes. With the smooth sailing of "CESI BEIHAI", COSCO Shipping Energy will continue to write the new chapters on the safety transportation of national energy and the LNG transportation business in China.

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