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Lu Junshan Leads Delegation to visit UNIPEC for Joint Party Construction Activities
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On 30 March, the delegation led by Lu Junshan, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the Company, together with Luo Yuming and Zhao Jinwen, both Deputy General Manager of the Company, visited UNIPEC for joint Party construction activities and business exchange. Zhan Lin, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of UNIPEC, Zhong Fu Liang, Deputy General Manager of UNIPEC, and Han Zhiguo, Assistant to General Manager of UNIPEC, attended the event.

In the event, COSCO SHIPPING Energy was invited to deliver a speech on transportation safety for the UNIPEC personnel, and UNIPEC introduced to COSCO SHIPPING Energy their integrated transportation plan, crude oil business, and market information analysis and research. Both parties affirmed that in the past year, they took advantage of joint Party construction to bridge and motivate the development, and the effect of “Party construction establishing the platform for business to take centre stage“ was fully realized, enabling further progress in enhancing the capability of the Party Construction Service Centre. The parties agreed to take the next step of building a regular information exchange mechanism, and conducting in-depth cooperation in aspects of integrated transportation projects and safety inspection.

Present at the event were relevant personnel from the Political Affairs Department, Ocean Shipping Department, Shipping Support Department, Safety Supervision Department, Dalian Oil Shipping Safety Technology Department, Shanghai Oil Shipping Management Department of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, and the Political Affairs Department, Office, Corporate Management Department, Logistic Optimization Centre, Market Strategy Department, Crude Oil Resource Allocation Centre of UNIPEC, as well as personnel from Sinopec Lubricant Company.

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