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The Naming Ceremony for COSCO SHIPPING Energy Yamal Arctic-class Vessel “Vladimir Vize”
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On the morning of September 11, Yupu Terminal of DSME witnessed the naming ceremony for a new vessel “Vladimir Vize”, a project one of Yamal Arctic-class vessels belonging to Shang LNG under the leadership of COSCO SHIPPING Energy.

Ms. Irina Ershova, General Manager of Budget Management Department of Novatek, Muto san, President of MOL, Lu Junshan, Secretary, and Zhao Yuguang, General Manager Assistant of COSCO SHIPPING Energy, Gao Guangqiang, Vice President, and Mao Huayu, General Manager Assistant of Shanghai LNG and personnel from DSME and other guests, altogether over120 people, attended the naming ceremony. Ms. Irina Ershova acted as the Lady Sponsor.

“Vladimir Vize” is the sixth out of the 14 Yamal Arctic-class LNG carriers invested and built by COSCO SHIPPING Energy, also the 12th large LNG carrier operated by Shanghai LNG, a wholly-owned company by CSET. The vessel is 299 meters long and 50 meters wide. With a capacity of 172,000m3 LNG, it boasts the Arc7 two-way ice breaking ability prescribed by Russian classification society. It can guarantee navigation by continuously breaking the Arctic ice with a thickness of 2.1m in a very low temperature environment of minus 52 degrees Celsius. The vessel is equipped with three pod-type full-slewing electric propellers (no special shafting and rudder systems are required), whose speed and maneuverability are far superior to conventional vessels propelled by shaft paddle and manipulated by rudder, and whose icebreaking performance ranks top in the global arena, which fully reflects the high requirements of the customized services of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and “Arctic Icebreaking”.

With the completion of the naming ceremony, the vessel will be put into operation at the Russian Arctic Sabetta port around the end of October 2018, two months ahead of schedule. Previously, on July 19, 2018, the project vessel "Vladimir Rusanov" successfully finished its maiden voyage by arriving in the Rudong LNG receiving terminal.

Up to now, CLNG and Shanghai LNG of COSCO SHIPPING Energy have participated in 14 out of all 15 Arctic-class vessels in the first phase of Yamal Project (CLNG participated in 11 vessels, and Shanghai LNG 3 vessels), and 5 vessels have been delivered before are CLNG's "Boris Vilkitsky", "Fedor Litke", "Eduard Toll" and "Rudolf Samoylovich"; Shanghai LNG's "Vladimir Rusanov". With the upcoming entry of “Vladimir Vize”, they will jointly carry the glory mission of YAMAL project LNG into China, and help to improve the world energy transportation pattern through the “Polar Silk Road” of the Arctic Northeast Channel, in order to make direct contribution to adjust China's energy structure and guarantee energy security.

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